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Meaning behind the new logo
  The triangular outline of the logo forms an ¡°E¡± shape in which represents that Earth Trek raises a flag and opens to a journey of creativity venturing to the world and beyond.

The 3 different outlines symbolize to the 3 elements composing the Earth, the upper part represents ¡°Sky¡±, the middle being ¡°Earth¡± and the lower being ¡°Sea¡±.

¡°Sky¡± represents ¡°Infinity of Aspirations¡±
A massive landform of mountains through the sky which is symbolic to our continuous effort to reach our highest levels of aspirations.

¡°Earth¡¯ represents ¡®Spirit of a Frontier¡¯
Like a brave adventurer in the medieval reaching unexplored lands, we are filled with the potential to exploit our bountiful future.

¡°Sea¡± represents ¡°The Power of Creativity¡±
The Sea that connects between lands like the fountain of youth in the sea. With limitless intelligence, intangible and multi-dimensional creativity can be then given birth.
Earth Trek Brand Statement    
  ¡°Dedicate ourselves to continuous creativity¡±, this strong passion and belief keep us generating moved ideas to become reality. Through the exploration process, video catalog and presentation tools for medical communication sector help linking up the heart and people in unity.The fusion of a great diversity of languages, music, art, thinking and values forms our world. This colorful world is cultivated by the free interflow of these elements together with our sagacious wisdoms and brilliant sensations.

Colorful World, Explore Ideas

To enrich our world with happiness & surprises, Earth Trek devotes to continue its creative journey as our innate incentive and ultimate mission.


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