Upon the receipt of customersĄŻneeds or design concepts,our  design tea
 will study the corproate of our customer and conduct a comperehensive
 marlet research. Customers can provide product information in
 different formats including  2D drawings, CAD file, renderings and physical
 modls. With  tese information, we will provide a design concept with
analytical evaluation as well as preliminary models. After the design concept is approved and
agreed by customers, our engineers will proceed with detailed mechanical and electrical design.
In addition, an efficient manufacture will be also considered during the engineering design process.
 To validate designs and provide customers with models for various
 purposes,  we produce models directly from CAD files  with high speep
 computerized prototyping machines.
  >> Machine Title QTY
  CNC Machine 4
  4 Axis Desltop Prototype Milling Machine 1
  Rapid Prototyping System 1
  3D Laser scanning Machine 1
  Vacuum casting machine 3
  2.5 CN.FT.(25g)Binks Pressure Tank 4
  8.5 cn.ft.(25g)Binks Pressure Tank 1
  Milling Machines 14
  Lathe 8
  Drill Press 5
  Sculpting Machine 3
  Vacuum forming Machine 1
  Sand Blasting Machine 1
  Shearer 1
  paint Mixer 1
  Spray Painting 1
 State-of-the-art-computerized mold making equipment and  fully
 integrated CAD/CAM systens are userd in mold  development. Our
 experienced engineers design molds that are  competent for subsequent
 mass production.We are capable of  developing high quality molds for
 compilcated parts with  tight tolerances for our elite customers.
  >> Machine Title QTY
  CNC 5
  EDM 8
  EDM for Tiny Hole 1
  Wire Cut 6
  Grinder 9
  Miller 20
  Driller 3
  Lathe 1
  Cutter Sharpen 4
  Pin Cutter 1
  3D CMM 1
  Projector 2
With the philosophy of striving for excellence, Earth Trek(HONG KONG)Linited will keep on embracing
innovative aproaches to manufacuring in order to ptovide extraodinary services to customers.