New Generation Wireless Mouse


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New Generation Wireless Mouse
- Ultra-portable design
The Ultra-portable and soft rubber grips keep your hand comfortable, even after long hours at the computer.

- Plug-and-forget nano receiver
Enjoy on-the-go convenience-the USB wireless receiver is so small you can leave it in notebook. The nano receiver can be
stored in the battery compartment that there is no need to worry to lose it.

- Intelligent battery management
Automatic sleep mode turns the mouse off when it is not being used. Smart power indicator remind user to change new battery
when needed.

- Precision optical tracking
Get responsive, smooth cursor control with high-definition optical tracking (1200 dpi).
L98 x W60 x H22mm
L40 x W10mm silkscreen print
Gift box with bubble bag /L11.5 x W8.5 x H3cm
50 pcs per Carton / L44.5 x W17 x H23.5cm
100 pcs per Carton / L46.5 x W36 x H28cm
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