Adjustable Sound Direction Speaker


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Adjustable Sound Direction Speaker
This speaker is aimed at travellers who want to listen to music more conveniently and without the has slef headphones. What'smore,based on our uniquely designed sound direction technology,the sound direction can be adjusted vertically and horizontally, depending on your needs at that moment.The USB cable can be conveniently wrapped around the speaker.

1) Speaker driver unit:36mm
2) Output power: 2W
3) Battery capacity:200mA
4) Frequency range:180Hz-20 kHz
5) Impedance: 4
6) Decibel sensitivity: 80dB
7) Power: USB 5V
8) Size:64x64x57mm
9) Charging time:2 hours
10) Playing time after charging: approx. 2-4 hours
11) Distortion Degree:0.3% 1W 1KHz
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