Portable Bluetooth Speaker


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Portable Bluetooth Speaker
Value Deal & Best Seller!
Guaranteed for sound quality price.
Retail price only at US$29.9/pc
Already sold over 100k, over 6 countries since 11/2013

Share your music anytime at home & in office with Portable Bluetooth Speaker! This device could be one of the good choice! Equipped with 3W driver, this gadget outputs wonderful audio effects for movies, parties & different occasions. It also serves as a nice premium for corporates to show gratitude to your customers at valuable cost!

1. Driver: 4oHm 3 Watt
2. Noise Ratio: >80dB
3. Frequency range: 80Hz - 18KHz
4. Playing distance: obstacle free environment 15 meters
5. Hand free function with built-in microphone
6. TF card slot, support different audio formats
7. Mini USB cable for data transfer & battery charging
8. Connect speaker with mini USB cable and d/l songs to TF card directly
9. Built-in lithium battery 400mAh, play up to 4 hrs continuously
10. Battery voltage: 3.7V
11. Charging time: 1.5hrs

59.5 x 59.5 x 51mm
87.5 x 85.5 x 87.5mm
40pcs/ 500x412x250mm
Gross: 15kg
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