Waterproof Mini Bluetooth Speaker


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Waterproof Mini Bluetooth Speaker
- Bluetooth 3.0
- Connect to iPhone, iPad, other smart phones & notebook
- Hands-free function for answering phone call
- Battery capacity 300mAh, Playback time 3hr
- Perfect bass sound, Powerful 3 watts driver
- Bottom LED lighting effect
- Strap for hanging onto hand / bag
- 2-in-1 audio + charging cable, Carabineer, Strap, User manual

Clean 1 cover design
cover flips up from the bottom, perfectly prevent
raindrops drip into speaker inner part from top

2-in-1 port design (AUX + charging)
Removing traditional mini USB charging port, minimize
number of port and have better waterproof result

Unique Ripple speaker grill, safety carabineer
Hang the speaker onto jeans, with speaker grill facing upwards, and audio play to your ears & the open area

41 x H49mm
Any color
20pcs/ 310x265x130mm
80pcs/ 550x325x285mm
Gross Weight: 9.8Kg
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