Vivid Stylus with dual cap design


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Vivid Stylus with dual cap design
Colorful. Smart Dual Cap Design
Userę\friendly Rubberized Tube

This stylus is perfect for capacitive touch screen devices such as iPad, iPhone and smart devices. Enjoy detailed drawing or games which require a real speed. Colorful pen tubes catering different styles & tastes. Featuring its smart dual cap design, the cap can be placed on both ends to cover the ball pen side as well as the touch tip side. The cap will no longer be lost!

Eye-catching pen tube with glossy finishing & non-skid rubber coating Other than eye-catching colorful tubes for selection, non-skid rubber coating is also available You can hold the pen firmly when writing as well as drawing with the soft tip. Such rubberized treatment can also help enhancing hand touch comfort.

- Dual cap design for both pen & stylus ends
- Sleek pen tube design
- Strong stainless steel construction
- Soft round tip for sketching, writing & drawing
- Works with any touch screen
- Lightweight
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